Get Cash Back with Ebates

A cash from Ebates in front of a computer.
Getting checks in the mail has never been easier than with Ebates

Welcome to our very first edition of Tech Tuesday! Every week we plan to feature something techie that can improve your life in one of the areas we’re focused on. Now that we’ve explained Tech Tuesday, let’s get to our first feature; Ebates!

I’ll admit that I dismissed Ebates for years. Despite being told I needed to get onboard and save money, I thought the hype was too inflated. Late last year I took the dive and right out of the gate I started savings dozens on purchases I was already making!

Getting Cash Back with Ebates

Ebates started as a simple plugin that you could add to your browser. Every time you landed on a page where it could save you money, it would throw up a button asking you to “activate” the deal. Press the button, carry on with your day, and that’s it. Saving money online has never been easier!!!

3 steps to earning cash back with Ebates: Shop, Earn, and Get Paid!
3 steps to earning cash back with Ebates

After earning your cash back and hitting a certain threshold you can “cash out.” You can either get a cash in the mail, or have the money sent directly to your PayPal account. It may seem too easy to be true, but it’s not. The best part is there are now ways to earn cash back in stores!

Ebates lets you link your credit cards, activate offers, and earn cash back from in-store purchases. Most of the time you can combine Ebates with other offers and coupons. This is on top of whatever rewards you might be earning from any number of other services or from standard credit cards. We’ll get into the multiplier effect in a later post, but all those cents add up!

If you’re interested in getting started with Ebates, go here and receive a $10 bonus. That’s a pretty awesome deal if you were already planning on shopping online. I’ve personally received cash back on everything from Tough Mudder to window curtains at World Market.



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